Sinwha Advance Co.,Ltd

About Us


Korea's leading distributor leading the on-line
and off-line drug distribution market

Company History

  • Aug


    Transferred to HLB Life Science subsidiary

  • Oct


    Selected as a management innovation type SME (Small and Medium Business Administration certified)

  • Nov


    Changed the name of Shinhwa Advance Co., Ltd.

  • Mar


    Shinhwa Palm Co., Ltd. Moved office to Shinhwa Building, Yeongdeungpo-Gu, Seoul

  • Mar


    Supplied Bundang Cha Hospital

  • Jun


    Delivery of Ajou University Hospital

  • Jan


    Established Shinhwa Farm Co., Ltd.

  • Major suppliers are Ajou University Hospital, Cha Hospital (Seoul, Bundang), and national and public hospitals
  • Sinhwa Advance Co., Ltd. is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Korea, including Pfizer, GSK, Novartis, Sanofi-Aventis, MSD, Astra Zeneca, Boehringer-ingelheim, BMS and other major foreign pharmaceutical companies are engaged in business activities through direct transactions.


  • 01

    Market Creation and Selection
    Strengthening internal competencies Creating new business areas. Strengthening customer ties
  • 02

    Expansion of supply of pharmaceuticals (pharmaceutical consumables)
    Discover and expand new accounts
    Online MRO Market Selection
    Manufacture and distribution of pharmaceuticals (pharmaceutical consumables)
  • 03

    On-line and off-line market stabilization
    Achieved 1 trillion sales
    Stabilization of on-line and off-line business areas

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

  • 1

    Expansion of in-hospital drugs market
  • 2

    Expansion of bidding hospital market
  • 3

    Strengthen sales of pharmacies and wholesalers

Action Plan and Expected Effect

Business Goals and Strategies


Strategic Tasks
  • Expansion of distribution market of pharmaceuticals and medical materials


Strategy Policy
  • Mutual growth in the pharmaceutical market and securing new customers
  • Income by Region, Efficiency of Logistics, Target Market
  • Strategic alliance with pharmaceutical companies and wholesalers strengthens competitiveness of items
  • Strategies to promote niche markets through our sales organization